A survey on African youths across the continent has revealed that whiles majority of youths do not have faith in their governments to progress the continent, they rather are optimistic about their personal situations improving.

The report conducted by the Ichikowitz Family Foundation, which surveyed 15 countries including Ghana, reveals that 32% out of these were optimistic about the continent’s prospects; a figure which represents an 11% drop since similar research was published in 2000

A total of about 4,500 youths between 18 and 24 participated in the survey and assigned reasons for this apathy towards governance in their countries to the pandemic, political instability, violence and climate crisis.

In Ghana, the report touted the government’s efforts to invest in young businesses with Mr Ichikowitz pointing out how he hopes this data will be used by governments to support the aspirations of young people.

The findings in this report also revealed that most of the youths surveyed (76%) saw China as a foreign power with a positive influence on their lives. This has changed from the 2020 findings which went in favour of the United States. This paints a picture of youths regarding China as more powerful a country than the U.S, some reports have said.

80% of participants surveyed are also contemplating migration, the report also revealed.


The Guardian



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