In mid-November, Amazon partnered with Hyundai to allow users to purchase Hyundai cars on its website.

This feature will be available exclusively in the US next year. The world is on tenterhooks to find out how this partnership will change the face of purchasing a car.

Just as purchasing a device or garment on the website, Amazon is giving its users the ability to purchase a Hyundai car in the comfort of their homes. No need to go to a showroom to buy a car or wait in long queues for a car tailored to your needs.

Next year, the new digital shopping experience will allow Amazon users to choose the brand they want, the color, trim, and other features, and whether to have the car delivered by their local dealership or pick it up.  The new partnership is not devoid of local car dealers. It is speculated they will assist with the paperwork to smoothen the process.

Generally, people are skeptical about the success of this new mode of purchasing cars. This may not be as big of a deal as people speculate. Judging from the statistics and the pedigree of Amazon and Hyundai, this might change how cars are purchased.

Amazon introduced a feature known as “Buy Online, Pickup in Store (BOPIS)” during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic where users could purchase an item online and pick it up in a store. This has become the new shopping habit for many Americans. Studies have shown a significant increase in the use of this service. Other large retail chains offer BOPIS services. This new partnership leverages the same principle.  Obviously, users won’t pick up the car in a store.

The two companies are hopeful about this partnership for two reasons. One, Hyundai is the perfect automobile company to spearhead this new campaign since it is regarded as the “staple food in the automobile industry in America”. It is a very basic brand that is trusted by Americans.

Secondly, Amazon is helping to remedy pricing challenges associated with car purchases. We understand how the pricing of cars can be tiresome and not trustworthy. Amazon will display the pricing of the vehicles to facilitate a seamless service.

Written by: Noel Nortei



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