Some irate youth of Asawase in the Ashanti Region have attacked the Asawase police station in retaliation for alleged police brutality.

The youth accused the police of manhandling their friend, leading to his death.

They mobilized themselves, marched to the police station, and pelted stones at the officers around on Sunday evening.

Assemblymember of Asawase West electoral area, Gideon Okai, confirmed the incident.

“I heard some noise, and when I came out, I saw a group of young men throwing stones at the police station. So I called the airport police commander to deploy more officers to come and maintain law and order.

“You can see a lot of damage when you enter the police station. The louver blades, meter, and other items have been vandalized.

“The youth are accusing the police of killing their friend, but the police have denied that, “he said.

Calm has returned after a team of police officers were deployed there.


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