Meta is addressing concerns over data protection by introducing a novel feature on WhatsApp – the “listen once” voice message.

Similar to the existing feature for sending pictures or videos that can be viewed once, users can now send voice messages that are playable just once.

In light of criticisms and accusations regarding the sale of user data, Meta is committed to bolstering its privacy and security policies.

In response, Meta reiterated its commitment to end-to-end encrypted messages on WhatsApp, a feature initially introduced in 2014. Recently, the company extended this encryption to Messenger.

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The upcoming feature aims to heighten confidentiality between users and Meta. Voice messages sent in this mode cannot be forwarded to other parties, ensuring that sensitive information shared through voice messages is accessible only once before vanishing.

The update will be progressively rolled out to Meta’s vast user base of over 2 billion globally. Keep an eye on your app store for timely access to this new enhancement.

By: Noel Nortei


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