Yes! You can switch between two accounts in the same app. The most anticipated feature which allows users to switch between accounts on WhatsApp is available for Android users.

As speculated, Meta is noted for allowing multiple accounts in the same app.  This unique feature is also available for Facebook and Instagram users. Unlike the two which allow users to switch between multiple accounts in one app, WhatsApp allows for only two accounts.

To add an additional account, go to settings and click on the drop-down icon next to the user profile. It’s next to the QR code (Update your WhatsApp if you don’t see this icon). Follow the prompts to add the account. Make sure you have access to the SIM card to complete the verification process.

You can now switch between your business and personal account in one app. Customarily, users had to rely on third-party apps which are plagued with many challenges to have two accounts.

Written by: Noel Nortei


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