Wendy Shay has broken her silence regarding a recent accident, hinting that it might not have been a mere accident but possibly a deliberate attack.

The Rufftown Records signee was involved in a car accident on the Kwabenya highway in Accra on Sunday, September 10, 2023. The incident occurred around midnight when her Jeep Wrangler collided with a tipper truck. In a bid to avoid the truck, her car swerved off the road and crashed into a gutter.

The crash resulted in significant damage to Wendy Shay’s vehicle, but fortunately, she emerged from the accident with only minor injuries.

During an interview on Hitz FM, Wendy Shay, widely recognized for her chart-topping hits, made a startling revelation. She stated, “ The people who wanted to kill me know themselves; the accident wasn’t a normal attack.” she shared

This revelation has left the public questioning the circumstances surrounding the accident and her safety.

Watch the interview below.


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