Finance minister, Hon Ken Ofori-Atta has disclosed that the National Cathedral will cost over $351million to complete.

He made this statement while answering to questions on the Talking point show at GBC.

He pleaded that Ghanaians should rally behind the board of trustees and the Government in order to make this possible.

He went on to say that the cathedral will be a national heritage, and that the Supreme Court has endorsed it as a national project.

The national cathedral has raised eyebrows and a lot of views and opinions among Ghanaians on whether it is important or not over the last several weeks.

The National Cathedral of Ghana is a planned interdenominational Christian cathedral scheduled to be built in Accra, the nation’s capital, as part of Ghana’s 60th anniversary celebrations



  1. What’s the cathedral for?how will it benefit we Ghanaian’s?Why don’t we circus on working on the country to make it a better place and once we have the resources we can think of building the said cathedral…This country is really struggling and economically we’re at our lowest


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