Dr. Bernard Okoe Boye, the former Member of Parliament for the Ledzokuku constituency has disclosed his decision to run for office again based on the realization of the constituents that he was ousted prematurely and deserves another chance to continue with the developmental projects he embarked on in his first term.

According to Dr. Bernard Okoe-Boye, there have been clarion calls and appeals for him to rerun as they believe he is the perfect candidate to provide effective and impactful leadership and representation for the Ledzokuku constituents in Parliament.

Speaking to journalists after submitting his nomination forms on Friday, August 4, 2023, Dr. Okoe Boye appealed to all members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the constituency to rally behind him as he possesses the competence and vision to wrestle power from the incumbent MP who is a member of the opposition, National Democratic Congress.

Speaking on their upcoming parliamentary primaries, Dr. Okoe Boye appealed to his competitors to run a campaign devoid of personal attacks and mudslinging.

He reminded them of the fact that “it is a family affair contest” and that “it is imperative that the focus is kept on the general elections and not the internal party battle”.

He promised to lead a clean campaign and advised the other candidates to follow suit to ensure that by the end of the primaries, the NPP in Ledzokuku will be stronger and poised for the battle ahead in 2024.

“This is an internal election and I say it all the time that being in parliamentary candidate and not entering parliament is not a worthy cause. The end game is to go to Parliament and we can’t go to Parliament if we are divided.

“I’m for a clean campaign and I’m in this game because the people of Ledzokuku have realized that as we speak they have representation in Parliament. It has become necessary to bring Dr. Okoe Boye back so that we can continue the development agenda and give jobs to the youth who are teeming and present here. I’m confident that if we work together, victory is possible.

“There are people who are saying it’s going to be difficult but for the victory to be sweet, it has to be difficult. The good thing is that we are prepared for the battle and with the battle still the Lords’, we are sure that when day breaks we will enter parliament in 2024,” he said.

Preceding the submission of the nomination forms was a mammoth unity walk that had in attendance hundreds of men and women from the constituency chanting the “Sankofa” mantra.

In what could be described as a show of superior support for Dr Okoe Boye, hundreds of NPP supporters and the general public turned up for the walk which among other things aimed at encouraging healthy living and whipping up interest and awareness in Dr Okoe Boye’s campaign to reclaim the Ledzokuku seat.


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