Bright Kojo Onipa Yede, widely known as Kojo Forex, has taken legal action against Albert Nathaniel Hyde, also known as “Bongo Ideas,” a rising social media influencer.

Kojo Forex has filed a defamation lawsuit, seeking compensation of 1 million Ghana cedis and a perpetual injunction restraining Bongo Ideas from making any further defamatory statements about him.

Kojo Forex claims that Bongo Ideas published defamatory statements about him on Twitter, damaging his reputation. The statements in question allege that Kojo Forex’s success in forex trading is not solely due to his trading skills but also involves involvement in shady business practices.

Bongo Ideas further suggests that Kojo Forex charges for teaching others because his profits from forex trading are not as substantial as he portrays them to be.

Among the controversial statements made by Bongo Ideas on Twitter, he accused Kojo Forex of operating a secretive online business empire, questioned his credibility in the forex trading industry, and hinted at alleged fraudulent activities and deception. Bongo Ideas also challenged Kojo Forex to address the issue or face further revelations about his purported illicit online money-making schemes.

In response to the alleged defamation, Kojo Forex has sought legal recourse. He is requesting a declaration from the court that the statements made by Bongo Ideas are indeed defamatory.

Additionally, Kojo Forex is demanding 1 million Ghana cedis in damages for libel, a perpetual injunction to prevent Bongo Ideas from making similar defamatory statements in the future, a public apology, and a public retraction of the statements on Twitter.

The court case is expected to unfold in the coming months, where both parties will present their arguments and evidence before a judgment is reached. The outcome of this lawsuit will have significant implications for social media influencers and their responsibility for the content they share online.

Below is the statement of claim.


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