President of the Students’ Representative Council of the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR SRC), Emmanuel Swanzy-Baffoe, popularly known as the “Game Changer” will be one of the contenders for Presidency in the upcoming general elections for the University Students Association of Ghana (USAG).

According to deep-throat sources, the decision will be influenced by the many calls from students and student leaders across the country.

In the second half of his administration, the Swanzy-Krompeh-led SRC of UENR has been touted as one of the best, making strides in students’ interest and delivering on their manifesto promises.

Some notable step the administration has taken is the disbursement of over GHS 210, 000 to support brilliant but needy students, rehabilitation of student sheds for learning, a library for students, and working on dealing with the university’s erstwhile chronic challenge of inadequate tables and chairs for students.

His candidature also comes in strong as his acceptance rate is recognized by some to be impressive seeing him as one of the presidents who stands out.

The varied assembly of students from different sister universities across the country unequivocally believes that Swanzy’s visionary acumen, steadfastness, and unparalleled leadership prowess uniquely qualify him to spearhead the affairs of USAG.

They praise Swanzy’s exceptional communication skills and unwavering dedication to promoting inclusivity and diversity. They strongly believe that his innovative ideas and unwavering passion for advocating on behalf of students will revive USAG, ensuring its leading role in tackling the diverse challenges faced by Ghanaian university students.

Swanzy’s campaign holds the promise of igniting enthusiasm and vitalizing the collective dreams and aspirations for a bright future for students in the tertiary cycle of our education.


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