For a while now, WhatsApp has been working painstakingly on enhancing the video conferencing feature of its app. Starting with a video call between two participants, the instant messaging app has evolved to include 32 participants.

Now, the app with 2.7 billion monthly active users is allowing users to share their screens during a video call.

Sharing your screen on WhatsApp is fairly easy. First, start a video call with a friend, colleague, or group. Hit on the icon next to the camera icon to “share screen” and you’re good to go. Grant casting access, then select the file to share with your group. Anyone on the video call can share their screen. However, only one participant can share their screen at a time.

When sharing your screen, you will be able to see others on the call. This feature is not available for audio conferencing calls. Sharing your screen on WhatsApp is literally sharing what’s on your screen so make sure you have everything in order before hitting the “share screen “ icon.

Unlike Zoom and Google Meet where you select a file to be shared on a video call, WhatsApp shows everything you do on your device. When you leave the app to, say Gallery, the participants on the call see your home screen, the apps, and the files in your gallery. Make sure the file you want to share is already running in the background to facilitate easy transitioning.

WhatsApp has become the most basic channel for communication between friends, family, work, and school colleagues. The company seeks to remain the first option for reaching out to people. A few months ago, WhatsApp introduced channels for real-time updates from top global industry players and organizations.

The obvious goal is to make users find everything they need on the app. In many countries, users are able to request for a service on WhatsApp. You can buy clothes, order pizza, get food, or tickets to an event on WhatsApp. In some cases, businesses run 24 hours on the app. Since the app embodies groups for your work and school networks, there’s no need to move to another video conferencing app for a virtual meeting… The social media giant is gradually eradicating the option to move to Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams for a video conferencing call.

WhatsApp allows users to have two accounts

In subsequent updates, experts speculate a significant increase in the number of participants allowed on a video conferencing call. Their success will be a major challenge for other video conferencing apps, especially Zoom. Note that WhatsApp is completely free and has not placed any time limit on video calls. You need a premium account for your video conferencing calls on Zoom and Meet to last longer. WhatsApp, however, is providing a free service for a similar experience.

We wait anxiously to see how responses to these events unfold. These social media giants have a lot up their sleeve.

By: Noel Nortei


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