In the conduct of a survey, a sample is used to represent the large majority.

To wit, the attributes, values and any indications demonstrated by the small sample quantifies the possibility of the whole.

This means that the resentment shown by a group of political entities shows the general way of thinking and overall expectations of a political location within a country.

The narratives from the just-ended Assin North by-election represent the general feeling of the citizens across the nation, of Ghana.

It’s obvious that a morsel of bread can quench the hunger drive of every human race, the reason politicians would want to continue exploiting those who queued at the mess of rain or, hot sunlight or, windy or humid conditions only to get a “begging braggart” or a true servant” a representing attorney into the law-making house.

The purpose is simple; to have someone stand in the gap to mediate and really development to the area.

However, the narrative for most Ghanaian representatives among other things is to enrich themselves at the expense of their constituents.

But, there is a fast-growing “new dawn narrative” which must wake every politician up from their slumber.

The days of GHS 100.00 and GHS 200.00 for a vote on the verge of an election, are fast grinding to a halt.

A video was spotted during the Assin North election where a woman dressed in white bemoaned the absurdity of treatment meted to them by the ruling government where the government has denied them their due from their sale of cocoa beans.

Rather than paying their money, the government has decided to bribe electorates with GHS 200.00 while forcing them to swear.

The NDC on the other hand, gave GHS 100.00 with appeal to conscience to vote for them.
At the end of the day, NPP lost by 2,804 votes while the opposition NDC won but lost 293 votes.

Despite the bribe, the electorates saw reasons to vote for the opposition NDC candidate(James Gakye Quayson) against the NPP candidate(Charles Opoku)

By: Prosper kwaku Salessy Agbitor


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