In a show of frustration and discontent, a group of concerned youth from Teshie took to the streets early this morning to protest against the deplorable state of their roads, which has made transportation a grueling experience for residents.

Led by Nill Mettle Nunoo, the youth expressed their deep concern over the adverse consequences resulting from the dilapidated road conditions. Nunoo emphasized the urgent need for leaders to wake up and take responsibility for the dire situation.

In an interview with Edwin Kobina Coleman of Ghana News Guide, He cited instances where pregnant women have suffered miscarriages due to the rough nature of the roads, drivers refusing to navigate the treacherous routes, and school children having to traverse muddy paths on a daily basis.

“We cannot remain silent while our community suffers. It is high time our municipal chief executives (MCEs) and community leaders recognize the severity of this problem and take immediate action,” stated Nunoo during the demonstration.

The protesters hoped that their strong message would serve as a wake-up call for the local leaders, compelling them to fulfill their responsibilities and address the urgent road infrastructure needs of the Teshie township. The youth expressed their desire for an improved quality of life and safer transportation for all residents.

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The demonstration served as a powerful reminder to the authorities that the community’s patience has worn thin and that the well-being of Teshie’s residents should be a top priority. It is expected that the protest will prompt swift action and a commitment from the leaders to rectify the road conditions that have long plagued the community.

Source: Edwin Kobina Coleman


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