The Akufo Addo-led government’s recent imposition of taxes on sports betting in Ghana has ignited a firestorm of anger and frustration among avid sports betting enthusiasts. The government’s motive behind this move is to bolster the country’s revenue sources; however, the decision has triggered strong opposition and even threats of demonstrations from disgruntled sports betting lovers.

As news of the taxation spreads, many passionate sports bettors are expressing their discontent, viewing the tax as an unwelcome financial burden. Social media platforms are abuzz with passionate debates, and some individuals are even considering staging public demonstrations should the government proceed with its tax law.

Meanwhile, a rapidly growing sector is capturing public attention – the housing industry. A surge in individuals identifying themselves as “housing agents” has been observed, and these agents are introducing a distinct fee structure that has raised eyebrows.

Prospective tenants looking for accommodation are now confronted with an additional layer of charges. Housing agents are requesting viewing fees ranging from GHC 70 to GHC 100, payable prior to accessing property viewings. Once a property is selected and lease negotiations between the tenant and landlord are settled, another layer of fees comes into play. Agents are imposing a 10% fee on the agreed-upon rent amount, leaving some to question the legality and ethics of these practices.

A key point of comparison has emerged between the taxed sports betting industry and the unregulated housing agent fees. While sports betting serves as an investment with tax implications, the housing agent fees have yet to be clearly defined in terms of their legality and taxation status.

Amid these developments, citizens are questioning whether the government will take action to regulate these potentially exploitative practices within the housing sector. The debate centers on whether these fees might be classified as “illegal” means of generating income.


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