The government overturned its recent under-subscription of treasury bills sales to record about 15% oversubscription of its targeted amount of ¢2.08 billion.

However, that was primarily due to a reduction in the targeted amount.

According to figures from the Bank of Ghana, the government got about ¢2.4 billion from the T-bills auction across the 91-day and 182-day.

Once again, a chunk of the bids came from the 91-day bill.

A little over ¢1.59 billion were tendered by the investors for the 3-month financial instrument.

The government accepted over 99% of the bids.

For the 182-day T-bill, about ¢816 million were tendered by the investors, largely the banks. All the bids were subsequently accepted.

Meanwhile, interest rates continued to surge on the money market.

The 91-day T-bill shot up by 0.36% to 21.15%, whilst the 182-day T-bill also went up to 23.93%, from 23.62% the previous week.

Again, analysts and market watchers are worried about the rising cost of T-bills, as the government still restructure its debt.

Source: myjoyonline


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