Strategic Network for Development (SYND) Ghana, has held a training workshop for journalists on the importance of reporting stories that negatively affect the environment, particularly biodiversity.

The campaign, known as the “Banks and Biodiversity No Go Policy,” is a joint effort between SYND Ghana and Friends of the Earth (FoE) US to raise public awareness and engage banks in Ghana through the Bank of Ghana, as well as key state and non-state actors, on the need for banks to adopt policies that protect the environment.

The training workshop was aimed at equipping journalists with the knowledge and tools needed to report on issues of biodiversity, including genes, species, ecosystems, and their interactions.

Gifty Elikplim Agbenyefia, the Lead on Biodiversity at SYND Ghana, emphasized the importance of understanding the connection between biodiversity and the stability of ecosystems and the goods and services they provide.

SYND Ghana is the convener of the Youth in Natural Resources and Environmental Governance (YouthNREG) Platform, which provides a space for learning and sharing among young people working on different environmental actions and creating opportunities for joint advocacy. The ultimate goal is to promote youth inclusion in the governance of the natural resources and environmental sector.

By engaging journalists in the importance of reporting on issues affecting the environment, particularly those related to biodiversity, SYND Ghana is taking a significant step in raising public awareness and promoting environmental conservation in Ghana


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