In a bid to foster a healthier and safer community in the upcoming election year, Samia, a suburb in Nungua community has organized a spirited health walk to wrap up the year.

The event, graced by prominent figures including Imam Muhammed Tijani, Benjamin Danso (NDC Chairman for Nungua Krowor Constituency), Sub Chief of Nungua Zongo Naaba Tsuugu Umar, and both old and new assembly members, aimed to sensitize the youth about steering clear of negative behaviors.

The health walk, attended by enthusiastic participants of all ages, served as a symbol of collective support for a thriving community. The chairman stressed the significance of unity and peace, particularly with the looming elections, urging the youth to resist becoming pawns of violence. Echoing these sentiments, Imam Muhammed Tijani called for maintaining peace and harmony regardless of political affiliations.

The event concluded on a communal note with a shared breakfast, reinforcing the spirit of togetherness.

As the Nungua community welcomes the new year, the emphasis on unity and peace remains a focal point, setting the stage for a prosperous and harmonious future.


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