The National Service Secretariat of Ghana is facing intense scrutiny over allegations of delayed allowances for National Service Personnel and suspected breaches of data privacy.

Forum for Accountability, a prominent advocacy group, has issued an urgent notice to media houses, highlighting what they describe as significant violations of the National Service Act.

According to the Forum for Accountability, National Service Personnel have endured five months of allowance delays, despite regulations mandating monthly disbursements. While the National Service Secretariat claims to have paid two months’ arrears, the advocacy group alleges that only a fraction of personnel have received payments. They assert that many personnel are yet to receive evaluation forms necessary for payment processing.

The Forum for Accountability has announced plans to take legal action and organize demonstrations against the National Service Secretariat, demanding full payment of owed allowances by the end of the month. Furthermore, the group is investigating suspicions of the secretariat’s involvement in the unauthorized sale of personnel’s personal data to third-party loan companies.

The National Service Secretariat has not yet responded to these allegations. However, the issue has sparked nationwide debate, with citizens calling for transparency and fairness in the administration of national service allowances.

Read the full release from the Forum of Accountability here


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