The third season of the popular reality show ‘RabbyStarlet’ came to an exciting conclusion on Saturday, July 29, 2023, at Snap Cinemas in Accra.

The spotlight shone on the talented Judith Dzigbodi Boame, known in the entertainment world as Jayla, as she was crowned the Ultimate Winner of the season. The young and promising actor took home a brand new car and a lucrative contract worth 15,000.00, catapulting her career to new heights.

The primary objective of ‘RabbyStarlet’ is to discover and nurture young female acting talents for the thriving Ghanaian film industry. The show, masterminded by renowned Ghanaian actress Rabby Bray, provides a platform for aspiring actresses to showcase their skills and potential in the spotlight of the public eye.

The newly crowned Jayla expressed her overwhelming joy and gratitude during her victory speech. “I didn’t expect to be crowned the winner, but I’m ready to take on this challenge and give my best. This is a significant achievement for me, and I am beyond excited,” she said with enthusiasm and determination.

As an accomplished graduate nurse and model, Jayla’s diverse background is sure to bring a unique perspective to her acting career. Her fellow contestants and fans are eager to witness her growth and success in the film industry.

In addition to the prestigious title and the lucrative contract, Jayla is now the ambassador for ‘RabbyStarlet’ and is entrusted with the responsibility of executing a community social project during her reign. This added responsibility demonstrates the show’s commitment to making a positive impact on society and empowering young women.

Rabby Bray, the visionary creator of the ‘RabbyStarlet’ show, took the opportunity to appeal to stakeholders in the film industry to unite and support its growth. “A scattered industry won’t attract the much-needed investment it requires to flourish. It’s essential for all industry players to come together and collaborate for its sustainable development,” she emphasized.

The reality TV series ‘RabbyStarlet’ spans 13 weeks, during which contestants live together in a luxurious mansion and face various challenges to showcase their acting talents. As the weeks progress, participants are gradually eliminated, leaving only the most promising talents to contend for the ultimate prize.

In a unique twist, the contestants also engage in individual social projects as part of the show’s requirements. These projects include initiatives like the ‘Women Empowerment Tour,’ the ‘Self Acceptance Tour,’ and a campaign focused on addressing ‘Teenage Pregnancy.’

As Jayla embarks on her journey as the Ultimate Winner of ‘RabbyStarlet Season 3, fans and viewers eagerly anticipate witnessing her rise to stardom. Her triumph serves as a reminder of the incredible potential that lies within Ghana’s entertainment industry and the promising future it holds for young talents like her.

Source: Sampson Kumah Elvis


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