The Denkyira Development Association (DDA) has expressed deep concern over recent press reports indicating that a mining firm sought permission from the Minerals Commission to mine within the borders of the Kakum Forest Reserve.

Although the Minerals Commission swiftly denied the application, the DDA asserts that a crucial legislative review is imperative.

The foundation of the mining firm’s application was Legislative Instrument (L.I) 2462, prompting the DDA to call for a thorough parliamentary review of this legislation. As staunch advocates for the preservation and sustainable development of the Denkyira area, encompassing the Kakum National Park, the DDA vehemently condemns any activities that could jeopardize the region’s precious natural resources.

Mining company targets Kakum National Park for gold mining

The Kakum Forest Reserve, renowned for its rich biodiversity and cultural significance, is considered an ecological treasure by the DDA. The association underscores the reserve’s pivotal role in supporting Ghana’s tourism industry, drawing global visitors who marvel at its beauty, traverse its iconic canopy walkway, and immerse themselves in its natural wonders.

Expressing concern about the potential long-term impact of L.I 2462, the DDA calls on the Parliament of Ghana to conduct a comprehensive review. The aim is to ensure that the legislation aligns with the principles of sustainable development and provides robust protection for Ghana’s cherished natural resources.

In an open invitation to stakeholders, including government agencies, civil society organizations, environmentalists, and concerned citizens, the DDA urges collaboration for productive dialogue. The goal is to find equitable solutions that balance developmental needs while safeguarding the region’s natural heritage. The association believes that through collective effort, alternatives can be identified that promote sustainable economic growth without compromising the integrity of the environment.

Source: Ishmael Awudi


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