The General Secretary of the Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union (ICU), Morgan Ayawine, is demanding commitment from employers in paying workers living wages in conformity with international standards.

He stressed that this will be commensurate with their toils and sacrifices for increased productivity, translating into economic growth and national development in Ghana.

This was contained in his 2023 May Day Message to all members of the Union.

Workers across the globe are marking the occasion on Monday, May 1 with Ghanaians doing so on the theme: ‘Protecting Incomes and Pensions in an Era of Economic Crises: Our Responsibility’.

He pointed out that pensions should not be violated whatsoever given its importance to the survival of the worker now and in the future.

“On this score, achieving a living wage for the workers of Ghana and, by extension, protecting incomes and pensions, must be the responsibility of all stakeholders in the socio-economic equation of the country,” Mr Ayawine stated.

He assured employers and, indeed, government that workers “shall continue to play the role expected of us in the economic equation of the country by working hard”.

“In the same vein, the other two members of the triumvirate partnership – Employers, should motivate workers with institutionalisation of a living wage as mentioned earlier and stop casualisation of employment, while Government promulgates sound and effective economic policies and programmes that would create conducive environment for economic growth and development.”


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