Ghana’s Parliament has for the second time passed a bill that allows the cultivation of wee (cannabis) for industrial and medicinal purposes.

The amended Narcotics Control Commission Amendment Bill 2023 now grants the interior ministry the authority to give out licenses for the cultivation of the product. This move by Parliament allows the plant to be used for many progressive and industrial purposes that will benefit many people.

Supreme Court previously struck out cultivation of wee In June 2023, Ghana’s Supreme Court stoked controversy by ruling that a law passed by Parliament allowing the cultivation of the plant in Ghana was unconstitutionally passed by the Legislative body.

The ruling was by a majority 5-4 decision, inviting fierce criticism from the Speaker of Parliament. The Supreme Court invalidated provisions within the Narcotic Control Commission Act that permitted the cultivation of specific types of plants for medicinal and industrial purposes.

The court had earlier, in July 2022, struck out Section 43 of the Narcotics Narcotics Control Commission Act, Act 1019, prohibiting the cultivation of the plant.


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