In a majestic ceremony held on Friday, December 22nd, Osahene Boafo Ansah III was officially installed as the Kurontihene and Senior Division Chief of the Akuapem Traditional Area.

The coronation, a momentous event, drew distinguished dignitaries, including the Okuapem Hene, Aburi Hene, and other notable figures from the region.

Osahene Boafo Ansah III pays respect to Oseadeeyo kwasi akuffo III

As the newly appointed Kurontihene, Osahene Boafo Ansah III assumes the pivotal role of being the second in command in Akuapem land, symbolizing a significant responsibility within the traditional hierarchy.

During his inaugural address, Osahene Boafo Ansah III expressed his commitment to fostering unity, progress, and opportunities for the youth. Emphasizing the importance of collaboration and cooperation, he outlined his vision for a community characterized by harmony and collective development.

Osahene Boafo Ansah III swears with the royal sword

One of the notable features of the coronation was Osahene Boafo Ansah III’s dignified procession in a palanquin, a traditional symbol of leadership and authority. The presence of various traditional leaders added to the regality of the event, highlighting the rich cultural heritage of the Akuapem people.

The townsfolk also played an integral role in the celebration, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere with their enthusiastic participation. The installation of Osahene Boafo Ansah III marks a new chapter in the history of Akuapem, with expectations high for positive developments under his leadership.

As the community looks towards the future under the guidance of Osahene Boafo Ansah III, there is a shared optimism for continued growth, educational access, and employment opportunities, aligning with Nana’s vision for a prosperous Akuapem.

Biography of Osahene Boafo Ansah III

Osahene Boafo Ansah III currently is the 19th occupant of the Akuapem Kronti stool. In his private life, he is known as Mr. Eric Aboagye Akoto. Born in Akropong Akuapem, he has a diverse professional background.

Work Experience

Mr. Ansah worked as a Marketing Officer at Formost Integrated Limited from 2006 to 2010. Additionally, he served as a football administrator for Okuapeman Football Club (2nd Division) from 2011 to 2014. His expertise extends to the field of safety engineering, where he held roles as a Safety Engineer at AKSA Energy from 2016 to 2017 and at Quantum Terminal from 2017 to 2018.


Beyond his professional endeavors, Osahene Boafo Ansah III is actively involved in philanthropy. He has established the OsaLisa Foundation, which focuses on health education and aims to make a positive impact on the community.

Who is Krontihene?

Krontihene assist the Okuapehene to administer the affairs of the capital town of the land ( Akuapem Akropong )

He’s the next-in-command to Okuapehene for all administrative issues or task and the most Senior Divisional chief of the Akuapem land

The Krontihene acts in stead of the Okuapehene when he’s out off Jurisdiction


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