Ghanaian Hiplife legend Okomfour Kwadee, originally known as Jerry Anabaa still assumes the throne of the best music storyteller in the Ghanaian music industry.

The veteran musician is widely recognized for his prowess writing skills. More so, Okomfour Kwadee music is an element of akan proverbs, traditional style, and vocal versatility. His kind of artistry is synonymous with the old popular Kweku Ananse novels.

The conversation of storytelling in music is always centered on how music lovers can relate and connect with the song in question. As such, Okomfour Kwadee is unrivaled in the Ghanaian music industry.

To elucidate, music lovers and fans of Okomfour Kwadee will side with the assertion that,  oft, it is a characterization of his persona into songs to narrate a story. It is essential to establish that, his songs do not just address social issues but also serve as lesson notes for their target audience.

Expounding the aforesaid, his song “Ofie nipa” accounts for the story of a hustler who had tried several kinds of work to make it in life but turned futile and eventually became a drunkard. Also, the popular “Adwoa ye me yere, Yaa ye me mpena” is a musical material that explains why wives do not, but girlfriends get quality attention from husbands albeit the fact that girlfriends extort money.

To say more, “ye ko mma pe” narrates the struggle of a long-standing single man who is looking for a woman. Again, Okomfour Kwadee in the song “Okomfo se koo”  tells us about the immorality of critics. “Abrantie” is also a story of a young man who was left alone to wield his own life at a tender age.

The award-winning hiplife legend, under his belt, has got a catalog of good music, including but not limited to Atta adwoa, Kawanotum, Meba wokyen, Ahwedee abena, M’ani abree, Aboro ne bayie, Girl bii ba, Nkran kwanso, Eye me nyaa and Boys Boys.

Many artists including the mainstream and budding ones has come out publicly to disclose that Kwadee as he is affectionately called, inspired them to venture into doing music. A key among them is Fameye, who cemented his love for Okomfour Kwadee by composing a song titled “Okomfour Kwadee”.

Okomfour Kwadee hails from Navrongo in the Upper East Region of Ghana. He came into Ghanaian music in the early 2000s, his songs have exploited competitive commercial advantages, dominated the airwaves, and won many awards in Ghana.

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As of today, Kwadee is less active in the music scene but it is safe to argue that no musician beats him in the music fraternity when it comes to storytelling enterprise.

Call him the; Goat, legend, Priest, Lyricist, Traditionalist, or any other appraisal. The truth is, OKOMFOUR KWADEE IS WHOEVER HE THINKS HE IS.

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