Nana Agyei Gyima, Adontenhen of Oda Nkwanta, has urged the youth and corporate Ghana to leverage the Green Ghana Day to make tree planting a daily activity to fight climate change.

According to Nana Agyei Gyima, the rate of land degradation and forest depletion in the country is very alarming, hence the national tree planting exercise taking place today is a very significant activity that will be of great benefit to the country.
Going forward, it must be adopted as a daily activity to green the environment and avert any future disaster.

Nana Agyei Gyima, speaking at the Green Ghana Day activity held at Oda Nkwanta in the Birim Central Municipality, indicated that the country is getting warmer than expected and therefore an activity such as planting of trees to stir the time of climate change is very vital and must be embraced by all.

Apart from helping to minimize global warming, trees also serve as windbreaks, control soil erosion, provide shade, and contribute to the national economy.

“For Nananon of Oda Nkwanta and opinion leaders, we should not see tree planting as an annual event, it should be part of our everyday activity and so we will continue to plant trees and encourage the youth that are here in their numbers today to support this exercise. We are also appealing to corporate organizations to also make it a daily or regular activity to plant trees, nurture and grow them.

Tree planting alone is not enough measure that can help us stem out environmental degradation but we also have to stop cutting down trees indiscriminately, stop bush & charcoal burning and other activities that destroy the land,” he said.

He added that measures to ensure that the trees survive and grow well will be implemented such as creating fire belts, and regular watering in addition to the hydrogel chemical added to the soil to store water for the plant.

‘I encourage all Ghanaians to inculcate the habit of tree planting into our daily lives because we are not doing this just for ourselves but future generations unborn,” he said.

Source: Barima Arkoh Frempong Oware


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