Nasiba Bawa, a Master’s graduate from the School of Communication Studies at the University of Ghana had her contract terminated by her private employers 48 hours after she went viral with her interview with Joy News at the #OccupyJulorbiHouse protests.

Nasiba was one of the protestors who spoke passionately about the failing Ghanaian healthcare system at the protest grounds back in September, and her interview with Joy News quickly went viral on social media.

In a new interview with Joy New’s Maxwell Agbagba, Nasiba has revealed that her contract with her employers, named withheld, was terminated 48 hours after the protests.
According to Nasiba, she had taken some sick days off with permission and returned and had been working for the past three weeks before her viral appearance at the protests.

Nasiba states that she does not want to link her termination from work to her involvement with the protests, as she was not queried for being a part of it.

“I’ve worked there and I don’t know it to be partisan that’s why I’m trying not to make that connection. If I knew that the company was partisan, then maybe I can say that it was because of that but I don’t know it to be partisan and I wasn’t told that was the reason,” Nasiba said.

She continued; “I wasn’t rebuked for going to the protest even when my video went viral. I was not rebuked for it so it’s really hard to say that it was because of this I was rebuked…If it’s because of it fair enough, there’s always a price to pay for everything.”


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