In a courageous effort to transport food supplies from Niger amidst the challenging security situation in the region, a Ghanaian driver was tragically shot by suspected terrorists.

The assailants believed to be terrorists, not only attacked the convoy but also set fire to multiple trucks.

The injured driver is currently undergoing treatment at a health facility in Niger. He was part of a group of drivers who opted for the Burkina Faso route to deliver essential food items to Ghana. The decision was prompted by the closure of Niger’s borders due to the military coup, leading to tensions with the ECOWAS regional bloc.

According to reports from Joy News, the drivers attempted to proceed past the Burkina Faso border independently after waiting in vain for security escorts. Regrettably, before they could secure safe passage, terrorists launched a violent attack on the convoy, resulting in the destruction of approximately four trucks.

Massahoudu Dambala, the proprietor of Damabala Enterprise, which employs around 35 trucks for transporting food from Niger to Ghana, recounted the harrowing incident to Joy News. He revealed that the drivers disregarded the terrorists’ commands to stop, leading to a confrontation that turned violent.

“They were waiting for escorts, but when those didn’t arrive, one of the vehicles decided to move ahead. After their success, our drivers also attempted the journey. As they set out, the jihadists emerged. Despite their attempts to halt the convoy, the drivers pressed on. Tragically, some turned back, while others abandoned their trucks,” Dambala recounted.

He further added, “Our leading vehicle was targeted; they burned it along with about 450 bags of beans it was carrying, along with three or four other trucks.”

The instability resulting from the recent military overthrow of President Mohamed Bazoum has plunged Niger into a period of uncertainty. This political upheaval has severely disrupted both the movement of goods and people to and from the nation.


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