A few hours before the Fifa Women’s World Cup began in Auckland, New Zealand, there were deaths in the city center.

At 07:22 (19:22 GMT), a shooting on a construction site in the financial sector left the gunman dead along with six other persons, including police officers.

According to PM Chris Hipkins, the incident was not viewed as a terrorist act.

He assured them that the tournament would proceed as scheduled.

The prime minister stated that police had neutralized the danger and the public could be guaranteed that there was no ongoing risk despite the fact that no political or ideological motivation for the attack had been found.

The shooting, according to Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown, had nothing to do with the Women’s World Cup.

With a pump-action shotgun, the gunman, 24-year-old Matu Tangi Matua Reid, tore through a construction site, placing the crowded hub of New Zealand’s largest city under lockdown.

Police were aware of the man’s history of domestic violence and mental health problems. He had a home detention order against him, but he was allowed to work on the project. He was not authorized to possess a handgun.

Source: BBC.COM


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