The National Peace Council expresses deep concern over the ongoing dispute between Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, the esteemed founder of Perez Chapel International, and the Nogokpo Traditional Authorities.

The Council also acknowledges the statements made by various religious figures in relation to this matter.

Understanding the potential consequences of this impasse on peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance within the country, the National Peace Council, in line with its mission to facilitate conflict prevention, urges both the Nogokpo Traditional Authorities and Perez Chapel International to maintain a calm demeanor and refrain from succumbing to provocations while efforts are being made to address the situation.

The Council appeals to all individuals affected by this stalemate to exhibit restraint and caution in their comments and public statements.

Furthermore, the Council calls upon the media and all stakeholders involved to exercise utmost discretion in their narratives, with the aim of preserving the peace, stability, and integrity of our beloved nation.

The Volta Regional Peace Council has initiated a process to engage the concerned parties and seek a peaceful resolution to the dispute.

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We would like to assure the public that every effort is being made to find an amicable resolution.

As we conclude, the Council respectfully reminds the citizens of Ghana of our collective journey as one nation, living harmoniously as a united people for numerous years.

It is in this spirit that we implore all individuals and entities involved to prioritize dialogue and understanding to maintain the unity and prosperity of our great nation.


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