Talented Ghanaian singer, OV has shared a very humiliating moment of her life; she got stood up by her fiancé on their wedding day.

In a recent interview on Angel FM, the ‘Want Me’ singer disclosed that she almost said “I do”, however, the man she was going to get married to, ditched their wedding ceremony and traveled on the same day.

“Truly I was about to get married but they stood me up on the wedding day,” she shared.

“My fiancé told me he was traveling, maybe he had already made preparations, I was done with my makeup, ready for the ceremony and I didn’t know, I’m sure he even went and left a text that he had to go.

“It was going to be a small gathering, my godfather and it wasn’t in the church, it was my godfather’s place and it wasn’t a traditional marriage, something small,” she said.

The MTN hitmaker winner added that she was not heartbroken by the event as she moved on with her life.

“Oh I was cool, we move and I think he came back to Ghana sometime, I could show my wedding dress though if you want evidence and if he decides to seek to come back, I might marry him but he’ll suffer,” she added.


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