Kennedy Agyapong, a frontrunner in the race for the flag bearer position of the National Patriotic Party, has unveiled a remarkable revelation about his daughters’ financial success in the United States.

Agyapong disclosed that his daughters, aged between 21 and 25, are individually earning an impressive income of not less than $120,000 per year.

In an exclusive interview, the seasoned politician underscored the necessity for the younger generation to secure stable and sustainable employment opportunities as opposed to resorting to risky gambling activities.

Agyapong expressed his belief that meaningful employment is the cornerstone for a dignified and prosperous life.

Sharing his views on the contentious issue of sports betting, Agyapong endorsed the existing 10% tax imposed on betting operations. Notably, he asserted that he finds the current tax rate to be moderate and suggested that even a higher tax percentage could be considered, as a way to deter excessive gambling.

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As Kennedy Agyapong continues his bid to become the flag bearer for the National Patriotic Party, his insights into fostering employment opportunities and his daughters’ financial accomplishments have added new dimensions to the ongoing national discourse about the aspirations of the youth and the future economic landscape.


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