Accomplished gospel artist, MoG Music, has taken to social media to demand answers from MTN Ghana regarding the exorbitant cost of data charges imposed on the Ghanaian populace.

In a widely shared tweet, the renowned musician accused MTN Ghana of exploiting its monopoly position to swindle Ghanaians through inflated data charges.

MoG Music directed his tweet at MTN Ghana, stating, “It appears you are indifferent to the grievances expressed by your customers. I spend GHC 516 on Turbo Net every month, GHC 200 on phone data, and GHC 100 on airtime. Yet, you believe you are not accountable for delivering subpar services.”

The tweet has sparked a wave of responses from frustrated MTN subscribers who share similar concerns regarding the high cost of data and the perceived lack of responsiveness from the telecommunications giant.

As one of the leading figures in the gospel music industry and a notable influencer on social media, MoG Music’s call for transparency and fair pricing in data charges has gained significant traction. It has ignited discussions about the need for improved competition and increased consumer protection in the telecommunications sector.

The musician’s message serves as a reminder to MTN Ghana that their market dominance is not unassailable, and customers have the power to demand change. The plea for fairer pricing and improved service quality reflects the growing frustration among Ghanaians over the perceived exploitation of MTN’s monopoly.

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While MTN Ghana has yet to respond publicly to the musician’s tweet, it remains to be seen whether this mounting pressure will compel the telecommunications company to address the concerns raised by MoG Music and the wider public.

By: Ishmael Awudi


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