In a candid interview with Kingdom FM’s Fiifi Pratt, Mizbel has shared insights into her close working relationship with the late Castro Destroyer, who tragically disappeared in a jet ski accident in Ada back in 2014. The singer clarified that despite widespread rumors suggesting otherwise, their bond was strictly professional and platonic.

Mizbel recounted how Castro had been a dear friend and confidant, even disclosing that they had shared a living space at one point. She reminisced about the times they would traverse the city together, often sparking speculations of a romantic involvement. However, she firmly denied any such claims, asserting that their connection was based on mutual respect and collaboration.

Addressing a significant incident in her career, Mizbel shed light on a stage performance at Legon University that escalated into an indecent assault case. She revealed that it was Castro who had come to her rescue during that challenging period, swiftly transporting her to a medical facility.

The singer expressed the profound impact of Castro’s disappearance on her emotional well-being. She confessed to pursuing answers relentlessly and visiting Asamoah Gyan’s residence in her quest to unravel the truth behind the incident. Despite the deep loss she experienced, Mizbel remarked that the friendship had started to fade even before Castro’s disappearance.

During the interview, Mizbel also delved into her personal temperament, acknowledging her preference for solitude due to a childhood spent in isolation. She clarified that while she may not be the most active with phone calls, it shouldn’t be mistaken for aloofness or disinterest.

As Mizbel recounted her memories and experiences, it became evident that her connection with Castro was one marked by camaraderie and professional rapport, rather than the speculated romantic involvement. The interview shed light on the nuanced dynamics of their relationship and provided an intimate glimpse into Mizbel’s perspective on friendship and her introverted nature.


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