Gemann, who is now an evangelist, was a pop star compared to Michael Jackson because of his style and dance moves. He was handed a death sentence in Ghana in the early 90s after he shot and killed a Taxi Driver during a confrontation.

The confrontation was over the fare the Taxi Driver charged a lady who he drove to Gemann’s house. It is said that they disagreed over the fare and after the Taxi Driver left, he returned to the house to gather sand from the footprint of Gemann to spiritually harm him.

According to reports, that triggered Gemann who also decided to go for his pistol to shoot him. Gemann and the lady with a friend, Jaga Pee, who was with him were all arrested and tried. He was placed on death roll because, since the late 93, no president has given his approval to a death sentence, hence, serving a life sentence.

However, Geemann finally gained freedom through a presidential pardon after serving fourteen years in jail. He was included in the list of people President Kufour granted pardon before leaving office. Geemann relocated to the U.S and chose to do God’s work


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