The Member of Parliament representing the Madina Constituency has introduced a pioneering scholarship initiative aimed at recognizing the highest achiever in the Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E) within the Madina Constituency.

This scholarship endeavor, initiated by the MP, seeks to motivate both public and private candidates in Madina to strive for excellence, producing outstanding results that will propel them through their secondary and tertiary education journey.

The unveiling of this scholarship program took place during the MP’s visit to several designated BECE examination centers in the municipality. Institutions such as St. Augustus School in Otinibi, Kweiman M. A. School, Oyarifa Basic School, Mount Sinai School in Teiman, IPEL International School in Pantang, WASS Basic School, and Presec School were among those hosting over 5000 candidates.

Lawyer Sosu emphasized the scheme’s annual nature, signaling its recurrence as an incentive for subsequent year groups. He encouraged the candidates to approach the examination with confidence, allaying their fears and emphasizing the importance of understanding the questions presented.

“As you embark on this significant academic journey, remember that self-belief is crucial to success. I, as your MP, have faith in your ability to excel in your BECE,” Sosu conveyed to the candidates.

Supervisors at the examination centers commended the MP for his inspirational messages to the candidates and highlighted how the scholarship package would inspire the candidates to give their best effort.

Parents present at the centers expressed their admiration for Francis Xavier Sosu’s unwavering support of the Education Sector in Madina. They recognized the scholarship award as an unprecedented step taken by a Member of Parliament for the constituency.

Christian Yaw Adinkra, the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) Chairman for Madina Adentan Abokobi, issued a warning to teachers against engaging in malpractices. Adinkra made it clear that the Association would not defend teachers caught in such actions. During a tour of examination centers in Madina, Adinkra revealed that 17 teachers were interdicted the previous year, requiring the association to engage in several legal battles to defend them.


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