Following recent discussions on a lithium agreement signed between the Akufo Addo-led government and Barari DV Ghana Limited a unit of the ceding base company to enable it to commence operations and mining of lithium at Ewoyaa in the Mfantseman Municipality of the Central Region for 15 years, the NDC minority in parliament is calling on the government to get parliamentary approval before the commencement of the mining.

The granting of the mining lease followed the completion of prospecting and feasibility studies by the company, as well as a series of negotiations between the Government and the Company.

The lease covered an area of approximately 42.63 square kilometers and grants the company the exclusive right to work and produce lithium and associated minerals in the area, by the mining laws of the country.

Their ranking member on parliament’s select committee on Mines and Energy John Abdulai Jinapor addressing the media on Thursday, December 7, 2023, noted that article 268 of the 1992 constitution supports their demand.

“Ladies and gentlemen as you may be aware, article 268 of the 1992 constitution is explicit and it states: that any transaction including but not limited to the application for a license to exploit a natural resource requires prior parliamentary approval. On this note I want to make it loud and clear, and succinct and explicit that the agreement between the Government of Ghana and Barari DV Ghana Limited should be laid before parliament without delay” he called

However, he assured Ghanaians, the minority that he would not let them down, but scrutinize the agreement, and not allow it to be rushed through as well as seek the guidance and involvement of CSOs, important personalities including former Chief Justice Sopha Akufo who has been vocal on the agreement.

The Yapei-Kusawgu legislator said the new order is lithium because is more profitable than Gold and diamond of which the World Order is moving to this great mineral hence the minority will insist that Ghana benefit from this resource.

“So the Minority will insist that Ghana benefits from this resource and that the terms and agreements if are not in the interest of Ghana, the minority will kick against that, but let me reemphasize that we demand that the Akufo Addo-led government tabled or lays this agreement before parliament without delay” he added

He equally cautioned Barari DV Ghana Limited that any attempt to commence mining without parliamentary approval would be illegal.

“I also want to caution officials of the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources as well as the Minerals Commission that they have no authorization to allow Barari to commence mining of lithium without parliamentary approval as well as other necessary approvals such as EPA license and the rest,” he said

Meanwhile, he finally cautioned saying “Let me caution that a future NDC government on assumption of office on the 7th of January,2025 all mining licenses that have not met the necessary parliamentary approval we will do the proper thing and ensure that they cease until they get the right approval from parliament”. he assured

By: Mary Quartey


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