Allow me to commence this concise article with a humble prayer.

“Dear Heavenly Father, guide married individuals away from temptation and shield us from partners who, due to their actions and inactions, might lead us astray. Help us avoid temptations that could jeopardize our spiritual well-being.”

The inspiration behind this article stems from personal accounts shared by married individuals, as well as my own experiences as a husband.

Marriage is intended to be a source of joy, not a trial to endure. It is a lifelong journey under the premise of “till death do us part.”

Contemplating this phrase, “till death do us part,” has led me to question why we must remain in an unhappy marriage. Should married men and women tolerate the burden of a problematic partner merely due to the promise of longevity?

Let us collectively ponder this concept for a moment.
“Why not choose a path that provides us with peace of mind when our partners drive us to the brink, rather than clinging to the notion of ’till death do us part’?”

I am not a pastor, marriage counselor, or expert. I am a realist.

In the span of just a few days, I have heard countless stories from various married couples expressing dissatisfaction. Their grievances seem to share common themes.

Ultimately, these individuals are unhappily married and often contemplate ending their unions. However, fear of divorce, religious teachings, or societal judgment hinders their choices.

Why should one endure an unfulfilling marriage? How long can spouses bear the burden of a bad marriage?

Those I spoke with fall within the age range of 28 to 40, some newlyweds and others married for several years.

Let’s focus on the topic “Lead Me Not Into Temptation” because these unhappy couples, unable to divorce, may seek solace elsewhere, even through infidelity, which they recognize as a temptation leading them astray.

They confided in me, sharing sentiments like…
“I’ve grown weary of this marriage, and honestly, I’ve started an affair.”
“Sir, I genuinely wish I could divorce my wife. But the truth is, she’s unable to support herself, and she considers divorce a last resort. She’d rather die than divorce me.”

“Kosivi, you can’t fathom the challenges I’m facing in this marriage. Days can pass without a word exchanged between my husband and me. His presence torments me, and the thought of intimacy with him feels unbearable.”

“I regret ever crossing paths with my husband. I yearn to escape to a distant place and start anew, but my children anchor me.”

“I’ve relocated to a different region to restart my life away from my husband, and it’s the best decision I’ve made.”

These quotes could continue endlessly…
It might surprise you, but yes, these are the same individuals who joyfully stood before their pastors and loved ones, professing their commitment. What has changed?

Marriage is meant to be enjoyed, not merely endured.
Listening to these accounts, a recurring theme emerged: unmet expectations. As they entered matrimony, they envisioned certain qualities in their partners and marriages that often remained unfulfilled.

I have come to believe that a marriage can indeed be enjoyable throughout one’s lifetime, provided both partners contribute earnestly.

A one-sided marriage, where responsibilities are lopsided, can lead to dissatisfaction.

Marriage necessitates mutual effort, where partners unite to pursue shared goals. This collaboration forms the foundation of a successful partnership. Choosing a partner who complements your personality is vital.
Marrying someone incompatible can breed dissatisfaction.

The right partner will prioritize your happiness and peace of mind. Marriage requires teamwork and understanding, not superficial criteria like looks or wealth.

Unfortunately, some marriages become one-sided, leading to complacency and frustration. Financial strains, for example, can strain a marriage, making it difficult to nurture love and connection.

In conclusion, marriage is multifaceted, and today’s challenges are unique. We must support each other as couples, recognizing that people endure hidden battles within their marriages.

Certain circumstances can indeed lead spouses into temptation and spiritual turmoil. Living with a lazy, inconsiderate partner or someone who disrupts your life can push individuals toward actions they wouldn’t otherwise consider.

This article isn’t meant to judge but to inspire mindfulness. In these uncertain times, prioritize your peace of mind and eternal happiness.

Don’t settle for a partner who could jeopardize your well-being due to a lifetime commitment.

For those already married, let’s meet our spouses halfway to enjoy our unions until they naturally conclude.

And if someone bravely chooses to leave a marriage that threatens their sanity or well-being, let’s refrain from judgment. We never truly know the battles others fight within their marriages.

Peace be with you!

Elvis Washington (Kosivi Kosi Agyimanku)
A Realist
Feel free to reach out if you wish to continue the conversation.

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