The National Youth Authority (NYA) has backed the 10% tax on sports betting and gambling, citing concerns about the negative impact of gambling on the youth.

Pius Enam Hadzide, CEO of NYA, emphasized that gambling tends to foster laziness, promote unrealistic expectations of wealth, and clash with societal norms.

He also appreciated the fact that the youth have taken steps to discuss national issues that are a concern but he advised them to stay away from comments that’ll cause chaos and disturb national stability

Ghana has been an active participant in international youth celebrations since 1999, when the United Nations designated August 12th as International Youth Day.

Acknowledging the significant contributions of the youth to national development, the President of Ghana declared the entire month of August as National Youth Month in 2022. This month-long celebration aims to advocate for policies and initiatives that empower the youth to engage in matters of national interest, beyond mere festivities.

The NYA’s theme for this year’s National Youth Month is “Breaking Barriers, Creating a Stronger Youth Development Ecosystem.” The month-long series of events include a youth seminar, regional youth parliament meetings, youth mentor awards, environmental sustainability conferences, multi-stakeholder dialogues, and the drafting of strategic plans for youth development. The final event, a national youth conference with the theme “Reformed Youth, Reformed Ghana,” will conclude the celebrations from August 31st to September 3rd. This month’s activities seek to address challenges faced by the youth, such as unemployment and social issues while providing mentorship and partnership opportunities for a brighter future.

The NYA’s support for the betting tax reflects its commitment to safeguarding the well-being and future of the nation’s young population.


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