The Deputy Chief Executive Officer, of the National Youth Authority (NYA) and an aspiring parliamentary candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Adentan constituency, Akosua Manu, has pledged her unwavering commitment to addressing healthcare disparities in her constituency.

She has, therefore, vowed to champion enhanced healthcare services for constituents, irrespective of their political party affiliations, and prioritize their overall welfare.

Speaking during the health screening initiative, ‘Kozie Cares Medical Outreach’, at Otanor yesterday, Madam Manu emphasized the importance of regular check-ups, and accessible and quality healthcare for residents of Adentan. She believes that healthcare is a fundamental right that should not be compromised and is determined to work tirelessly to ensure that the healthcare needs of the people she aspires to represent are met.

Akosua Manu, who is affectionately called ‘Kozie’, is currently organizing a healthcare exercise that includes check-ups and free national health insurance registration and renewals for 16 Electoral Areas in Adentan. The health drive began on Thursday, September 14, 2023, and is scheduled to conclude on Friday, September 22, 2023.

Health drive areas

The areas covered by this initiative include Otanor, Nmai Djorn, Adjiringano, Ogbojo, Nii Ashale East and West, New Adentan East and West, Man-Hee, Gbentanaa North and South, New Legon, Loose, Amrahia Marhejor, among others.

She further stressed that this effort is aimed at placing a premium on health and adequately preparing for the tasks ahead of the party. She also emphasized the importance of regular check-ups, which many Ghanaians often neglect, and her approach to bringing healthcare services to the doorstep of the people.

Additionally, she disclosed that eye screening will take place at the Adenta station on Saturday as part of the ongoing healthcare initiative. This screening, she said, is intended to address the issue of perennial Apollo infections and ensure the well-being of her constituents.

On the upcoming parliamentary elections, Kozie stressed the significance of conducting a clean campaign to unite the party ahead of victory. The Deputy NYA CEO cautioned fellow flagbearer aspirants to maintain a fair and transparent campaign.

She promised to use her sterling leadership and experience to unite the party, especially at the constituency level, and mobilize grassroots members to win back the NPP seat as well as help break the eight years’ governance cycle.

Reclaim seat

She has assured party members that she will make sure the party reclaims its seat to regain full majority control in 2024.

She emphasized the importance of unity and effective representation for her constituents. She assured me to prioritize their concerns and work towards their empowerment, not only at the constituency level but also on a national scale.

Kozie further expressed her passion for uplifting the community and transforming it into a model constituency. She highlighted the need for collaboration between government agencies, civil society organizations, and the private sector to drive sustainable development and create opportunities for the youth.

Acknowledging the importance of party unity, Kozie called for NPP members in Adentan to rally behind her candidacy, stressing the significance of a cohesive front in securing victory.

She intends to leverage her position within the party and engage with party executives and stakeholders to strengthen grassroots mobilization efforts.

She, therefore, called on party members in the constituency and all party sympathizers to rally behind her candidature. She also emphasized that the NPP as a party will be in power from 2024 to bring the needed development to the good people of Ghana.


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