Kim Kardashian has revealed that she prefers to have the “lights off” in the bedroom when she is getting intimate with a man. 

Kardashian, 42, split up with actor and comedian Pete Davidson back in August last year and hasn’t publicly dated anyone since. 

The reality star was talking about her single life in a new episode of The Kardashians, where she was joined by Disick – the former partner of her sister Kourtney, with whom he shares three kids. 

“I love hanging out with Scott, we’re both single right now so I feel like there’s a lot to talk about and a lot to navigate,” she said in a confessional. 

“He always teaches me to have a sense of humor about it.” 

The pair got talking about dating, with Disick saying he’d love Kardashian to be with an ‘older Italian businessman’. 

“I don’t like the old thing but I don’t like the really young thing either,” she told him. 

The two got chatting about Cher, 77, and her 36-year-old boyfriend Alexander Edwards, with Disick referring to their relationship as the ‘best thing’ he’s ever seen. 

But Kardashian wasn’t quite so convinced, revealing that she would ‘just be insecure’ in a partnership with such a large age gap. 

“Well, maybe she’s just secure or has the lights off,” Scott joked. 

Kardashian then said: “I pretty much have the lights off now.” 

Speaking to the camera afterwards, Kardashian went into a little more detail about why she prefers to get down and dirty in the dark. 

She explained: “It’s so weird. But then I can walk out of a photo shoot with 100 people working on set, I can walk out in a thong, but if it’s like, you’re there with me, I’m like, ‘Wait, don’t look at me! Turn the lights off!'” 

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Later, Kardashian went on to talk about the pressures of dating under the media spotlight. 

“Here’s the thing,” she said. “If you are seen with someone, then if it’s starting to not work out, you almost have to try to make it work a little longer because you’re so embarrassed.” 

Speaking about her last relationship with Davidson, she added: “You obviously learn from every situation, and the one thing I learned from my last situation was that the media made me feel like I was in a very serious relationship, so quickly. 



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