In a bid to empower Africa’s youth and revolutionize the continent’s discourse landscape, the Kasanufo Public Speaking Training and Contest (KPSTC) has emerged as a beacon of hope.

Over an intensive eight-week period, KPSTC offers invaluable training to young Africans, equipping them with the essential skill of public speaking.

Recognizing the scarcity and expense of opportunities for honing such skills across the continent, KPSTC provides accessible training, nurturing confident and persuasive communicators for a brighter future. With a focus on empowering young Africans to speak confidently, lead discussions, innovate in entrepreneurship, and contribute meaningfully to societal discourse, KPSTC stands as a catalyst for transformation.

Backed by EKM Communications Consulting (EKMCC), KPSTC seeks to foster a culture of confidence, empowerment, and leadership among Africa’s youth. By concentrating efforts on KPSTC, EKMCC underscores its commitment to empowering young Africans through effective communication.

KPSTC invites stakeholders, partners, and supporters to join in its mission to empower Africa’s youth. Together, they aim to create a future where every young African has the skills and confidence to make their voice heard, driving positive change across the continent.

In essence, KPSTC represents more than just a training program; it is a vehicle for transformation, offering young Africans the tools they need to shape their destinies and contribute to Africa’s progress.


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