Award-winning rapper Sarkodie has apologized for any hurt feelings he may have caused dancehall artiste Samini.

Samini accused him of ignoring his requests to collaborate after the duo linked up for Sarkodie’s “Love Rocks” in 2014.

The dancehall artist called Sarkodie out on social media for supposedly expressing reluctance to jump on the former’s projects.

But speaking on Hitz FM on Tuesday, Sarkodie insisted that the utterances must have come from a “certain place,” for which reason he would need more details.

On the back of that, the Landlord, as he is popularly known, says he will respond accordingly once he is furnished with the full facts of the matter from Samini himself.

Shortly after this reaction, Samini joined the conversation over the phone. He re-echoed his sentiments to host, Andy Dosty, who sought a response from the ‘Country Side’ crooner.

“Him feeling like that, I don’t have any control over that.” I can only say I’m sorry about how he feels. “Not necessarily because I agree with everything he is saying,” Sarkodie said.

While acknowledging the outburst, Sarkodie, however, indicated that he does not agree with the rationale behind his accusations.

He said that there are many reasons why instances like these occur.

Per his clarification, he is sometimes hesitant to do certain features “not because the music is bad,”  but because “you can hear a song that is so good, but maybe you don’t hear yourself, and then you’re trying to find a pocket in the song, and then one day you do it.”

“There are some songs that, when they send them to you, last for like two seconds.” Maybe if I send you a song and you really like it at the time, you’ll do it. I didn’t figure it out, and I’m not talking about him, it could happen,” he said.


In 2014, Sarkodie tapped into Samini’s reggae dexterity and released ‘Love Rocks’.

The reggae track was hailed as a great collaboration between the rap and reggae circles in the country.

Nearly a decade later, there appears to be some bad blood between the two artists, at least from Samini’s perspective.

‘I’m not interested in collaborating with Sarkodie anymore’ – Samini shares frustration
A sudden rant by Samini on Twitter suggests some pain he is harboring about a past situation with Sarkodie over expected collaborations.

It was sparked by a fan who asked the dancehall artists when they could expect another collaboration.

Samini’s response was one that many did not expect.

“I’m not sure I’ll ever need a verse from Sarge, but if he does, I’m not interested.” He knows this himself. y3 Alo sometimes, and I don’t play that.

He says the ‘No Pressure’ crooner’s supposed reluctance to give a concrete response to requests for features affected his 2021 Burning EP.

“Yes or no be problem for am so e go slow you and your project go dull…,” he replied.

The Twitter user, AmarexJay, further probed if the problem at the time may have been a matter of mixing business with pleasure.

He accused Sarkodie of being unwilling to return the 9-year-old favor.

According to him, his verse on Sarkodie’s ‘Love Rock’ was done for free and delivered in 24 hours.

This is why he considers the rapper a hypocrite.

“He’s just allo [sic] when it comes to returning favors,” she said, adding that “unlike him, I do my own hooks and verses, and I don’t need features to blow.” “Like I die, lol.”

He poked Sarkodie in the same tweet, saying, “Sarkodie, you know what time it is, we shoot direct.”







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