Award-winning rapper, Sarkodie has revealed that his team was not aware of his intentions to record “Try Me,” a song directed to Yvonne Nelson following allegations in her memoir that she was impregnated by the rapper.

According to Sarkodie, he had to sneak into the studio to record the song, unbeknownst to his team.

In a recent conversation with Angela Yee, former Breakfast Club host, although people think his team was aware and in support of his actions, it is not the case.

“People think my team is in support of what I did on the record. None of them knew I did the record because I was on tour when it happened so,” he revealed.

Sarkodie, who shared in the interview that he’s not entirely proud of his response to the matter, revealed that he did not let his team members in on his plan, for fear that they may talk him out of it.

“Sometimes, when I feel something, then the lyrics are going to come right there and then. I sneaked into the studio to even record this, I didn’t let nobody hear it because I didn’t want to hear any advice, I just literally wanted to do what I felt at that point and face the consequences later on but it wasn’t like the whole team sat down and said this is how it’s going my to go. I did not, personally for myself,” he explained.

Yvonne Nelson Hits Back at Sarkodie’s Rap “Try Me” with fiery tweet

Sarkodie also shared that after he released the song which had already been leaked on the internet, he got a lot of phone calls from a lot of people.

“Yes, a lot of phone calls. In the heat of the moment, the person that I didn’t hear from which normally she would have been the first person to hit me is my lawyer,” he shared.


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