Ghanaian musician, Lasmid has disclosed that he has overcome stage fright because he psyched himself up, way before he entered the music industry.

Making an appearance on Adwuma Adwuma and interacting with its host, Felicia Osei, the ‘Friday Night’ hitmaker revealed that stage fright is not a part of him and he explains why.

“It’s not a part of me. I feel that it is something we do often so I’ve realized that it’s normal for people not to enjoy your performance,” he disclosed.

The season 8 MTN Hitmaker winner advises all artists to have in mind that not every performance gets positive feedback from the audience.

“I think every artiste should have this in mind; sometimes you go on stage and no one minds you. It doesn’t mean they are not listening to your music; they are. It’s normal so those things don’t get to me,” he highlighted.

According to him, “Sometimes, some people are paying close attention to what you are doing but they choose to just observe and listen though not so energetic about it. Sometimes, that’s how it is.”

When asked how he was able to get his mind in tune with this view, he indicated that he prepared himself way before he entered the music industry.

“Before entering the space, this is the mindset I came with because when I climb the stage, I’ve never been booed before but when I see it being done to others, I put myself in their shoes. Based on this, I psyched myself so that, should I face it, I should be fine,” he mentioned.

Lasmid further pointed out a few instances where it is appropriate for artists to remain on stage and continue performing, adding that in some cases, you can vacate the platform.

“Sometimes, when you are booed, you have to leave the stage. In some cases, it brings your morale down but sometimes, when you are being booed but you know your next will ginger them up, you can continue singing. So sometimes, you have to leave the stage and sometimes, you have to continue singing,” he said.

Though haven’t faced that unpleasant experience, he shared the story of one of his friends who went through it.

“One of my friends went through that ordeal but when he finished performing, he was applauded. I was confused because a while ago, these same people were booing him. I think the next song is what got him the fans,” he shared.


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