In a recent public forum discussing the collapse of the Bank of Ghana, Kwesi Pratt Jnr, the managing director of Insight Newspaper, emphatically stated that he lacks the capability to orchestrate or prevent a coup.

Addressing the issue of the Bank’s independence, Pratt criticized the notion that it holds no value and challenged the qualifications of those overseeing the nation’s economy, particularly in light of the struggling Ghanaian cedi on the global stage.

He highlighted the challenges faced by the populace due to rising food prices and escalating medical costs.

Pratt emphasized the need for a proactive approach, stressing that avoiding problems is counterproductive, and called for the people’s collective effort in initiating conversations and mobilizing to address these issues before they escalate. Despite acknowledging the uphill battle ahead, he expressed unwavering faith in the power of the masses, including individuals like Uber drivers, trotro drivers, and ordinary vendors, to drive meaningful change.

Voicing concern over the privatization of state-owned enterprises and the reliance on institutions like the IMF, Pratt labeled the World Bank and IMF as adversaries rather than allies. He cautioned those who perceive themselves as eternal rulers and predicted their eventual downfall. Urging unity and action, he announced an upcoming demonstration to champion free expression, recognizing the potential legal challenges from the police in attempts to halt it.

Concluding his address with well wishes, Pratt invoked the aspirations of Ghana’s founding leaders and called for the responsible utilization of the country’s natural resources to benefit its citizens.


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