Independent senior living is for those aged 55 or older who would love to maintain their freedom and independence as they age. It is only one of many options seniors have for living fulfilling lives after retirement or as they get older. Leaving a home you have known and lived in for decades is not always easy, so, understandably, many seniors hesitate to move to independent senior living.

However, such arrangements can make life easier while providing the social circle many seniors crave and often do not have. If you are still considering whether independent senior living is for you, here are some things that can help you decide.

You Can No Longer Take Care of Your Home

We all take pride in our homes, but they can be difficult to maintain as we get older. There are different bills to think about and safety concerns surrounding an aging home. Some rooms might remain unused for months or years but also need maintenance.

If you feel like maintaining your home is becoming too much for you, consider independent senior living. The best facilities for independent senior living in Chesterfield, MO do not require any work from you because there are staff to take care of everything.

You also get to live in a safe, residential home alone or with other seniors and enjoy the safety you otherwise would not have in your old home.

You are Concerned About Your Health

Our health tends to get worse as we get older. Most people have concerns about their health, and you should too if you already have an underlying health condition that could become a serious concern later. An independent senior living facility has staff to help you if you need to visit a hospital or have any health emergency. The staff will also contact your loved ones in case something happens so they can be there for you.

You Feel Isolated and Lonely

Unfortunately, isolation and loneliness are prevalent in seniors who live alone. Even in cases where friends, family, and healthcare professionals visit, many seniors report missing the social aspect of living around their peers.

Additionally, isolation and loneliness are the biggest challenges to seniors who want to age in place, and they can lead to serious health issues. They have been linked to stress and depression, which are also related to numerous other health concerns.

If your social circle has narrowed as you have become older and loved ones are busy in their lives, you can become social again by moving to an independent senior living facility.

These facilities encourage residents to engage and socialize with other residents through the many events and activities they organize.

While many people are choosing to age in place, that is not always the best option, especially if you do not have loved ones and other people around you. There are serious challenges to aging in place, including physical, mental, and emotional health issues. Moving to an independent senior living facility can help with these issues while providing numerous other benefits.


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