Ho Technical University (HTU) has categorically denied the veracity of a news article circulating on social media, claiming an outbreak of HIV on campus.

The management of HTU has swiftly responded to the false publication, asserting that it holds no truth.

In an official statement released by the university, several key points were emphasized to dispel the misinformation:

1. HTU’s Health Service, in collaboration with the Municipal and Regional Health Directorates of the Ghana Health Service, has confirmed that no information regarding an HIV outbreak at the university exists, as alleged in the article.

2. The public is strongly advised to disregard the baseless and false publication. HTU urges individuals not to share the article, as doing so may tarnish the institution’s hard-earned image and reputation.

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Moreover, HTU’s management has expressed its determination to take legal action against anyone found sharing or disseminating the false publication. This step underscores the seriousness with which the university regards the issue and its commitment to protecting its integrity.

In conclusion, HTU’s management reassures all stakeholders, as well as the general public, that the university remains a safe and esteemed institution, holding its place as one of the leading Technical Universities worldwide.


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