Condom use among people with multiple sexual partners in the country is low, the 2022 Ghana Demographic and Health Survey (GDHS) has revealed.

The survey indicated that men, aged between 15 and 24 who had two or more sexual partners among those surveyed, were 24.7 per cent of those surveyed, while women within the same demographic bracket were 17.1 per cent.

Out of this sample, 28.2 of the men had sexual intercourse with a person who was neither their husband nor wife, neither did they live with them (non-cohabiting), while 13.1 per cent were women.

For the age bracket 15 to 49 years, 35 per cent of men had sex with a non-cohabiting partner who was not their wive, while 23 per cent of those interviewed were females.

For those among the bracket who used a condom during sex with a non-cohabiting partner, 11 per cent were females while 28 per cent were males.

The acting Director, Demography of the Ghana Statistical Service, Godwin Odei Gyebi, who made the findings known when he presented the second dissemination of the 2022 GDHS report on HIV/AIDS and health insurance in Accra last Tuesday, suggested that by the data, the way forward was extensive campaign on HIV and AIDS prevention if the country wanted to reduce HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.


The survey covered 18,540 households distributed across all the 16 regions and 261 districts of the country.

The survey conducted interviews with 17,933 households, 15,014 women, aged 15 to 49, and 7,044 men, aged 15 to 59.


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