Fatimatu Ali has secured victory as the newly elected SRC President of the University of Media, Arts, and Communication-Ghana Institute of Journalism (UniMAC-GIJ) for the upcoming 2023-2024 Academic year.

This victory not only marks her personal achievement but also makes her the very first female to assume the role of SRC President at the institution.

Throughout the course of the Presidential race, which unfolded between Mohammed Fedaws and Fatimatu Ali, the students of Ghana’s pioneering Journalism institute made their choice clear. From the moment the candidates declared their intentions to the culmination of their campaigns, the electorate’s preference was unmistakably in favor of a female leader to navigate the course of student affairs.

Out of a total of 1,288 votes cast, Fatimatu Ali emerged victorious as the second candidate on the ballot. Her campaign secured an impressive 659 votes, representing 51.2% of the total, while Mohammed Fedaws received 48.8% of the votes.

With her sights set on the student body’s financial well-being, Fatimatu Ali has outlined her commitment to using her leadership position as a catalyst for change.

She plans to advocate for an increase in SRC dues, currently set at 50 cedis per student and intends to leverage the esteemed UNIMAC-SRC brand to finance a comprehensive 5-year development plan, in collaboration with GIL and NAFTI.

This plan encompasses crucial initiatives such as an infirmary, a bus service, and a hostel.

Fatimatu Ali’s triumph is in harmony with a poll conducted by Herald Ghana, where she garnered an impressive 51.7% of the total 778 responses, which amounted to 402 votes. This widespread support from constituents solidified her position as the favored candidate, overshadowing her opponents Mohammed Fedaws, and the disqualified Daniel Frimpong, who fell short of the vetting requirements.

This monumental achievement underscores the ongoing trend of breaking gender barriers in student politics. Following in the footsteps of Yvonne Osei Adobea, who became the first female SRC President of KNUST, and Rukaya Hussein’s recent victory at the University for Development Studies, Fatimatu Ali’s win adds to the growing chorus of empowered female leaders making their mark in student governance.


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