Nhyiraba Kojo, a well-known HipLife musician and the owner of the popular NK City Nightclub located in Fijai-Takoradi, has been sentenced to 30 days in prison by a Sekondi Commercial High Court.

The court found him guilty of contempt in a case that was filed by three residents of Fijai over the excessive noise coming from his nightclub.

The sentencing was delivered by Justice Sedina Agbemava who presided over the case. Nhyiraba Kojo was found to have disobeyed an interlocutory injunction order issued by the court which required him to stop the noise emanating from his nightclub, install soundproof equipment, and submit a report to the court. His failure to comply with the court order resulted in his imprisonment.

The case against Nhyiraba Kojo was filed by three residents of Fijai who complained about the excessive noise levels emanating from the NK City Nightclub. The residents argued that the noise levels were causing a disturbance to their peace and affecting their health. The court agreed with their arguments and issued an order to Nhyiraba Kojo to take measures to reduce the noise levels.

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Despite being given a clear order by the court, Nhyiraba Kojo failed to comply with the directive. This prompted the court to take a stern action by sentencing him to imprisonment for 30 days. The ruling serves as a warning to other nightclub owners and individuals who may be in violation of court orders.


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